Juliette Low Elementary School Home
Notes from the Nurse

As February drew to a close our first grade classes completed a unit on dentil hygiene and all received a free toothbrush and toothpaste through the Chicago Dental Society. Please try to reinforce great dental habits at home as well. Dental exams are required for new kindergarten and second grade students and a completed dental form turned in by May 15th. Extra forms are available in the office.

Also, if your child received a vision or hearing referral letter and you have not seen the appropriate doctor, now itʼs a great time to schedule these appointments and have them completed over Spring Break.

Please feel free to call me about these issues or you have any concerns or questions at 847-952-5183

Donna Szilvagyi RN BSN CDE

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Other Helpful Information...

With all the illness we are experiencing here at school, I thought I’’d share some guidelines to help you evaluate if your child is well enough to go to school. This information is based on an article by June Samuels RN a school nurse coordinator in Huntington, New York.

If your child states they feel hot or cold, check for fever. If the thermometer reads 99.9 or more keep your child home until fever free for 24 hours without medication. This is also our district policy. If no fever and there are no other symptoms, it’’s off to class.


““My tummy hurts.”” If there are no other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and/or severe or increasingly intense lower right-sided pain, try food and a trip to the restroom. The child should be ok for school. If they are experiencing any of the above problems, keep them home and if they don’’t improve give your doctor a call.


If your child is coughing and cannot stop, first listen, is it a dry cough? Try a drink of water and see if it goes away. It could be related to allergies or irritation. If there is fever, or if the cough is coming from the chest and produces a lot of phlegm, your child likely has a respiratory infection, bronchitis or another respiratory ill- ness. These conditions are reasons to stay home, rest and seek treatment if necessary.


““My throat hurts.”” Check for other symptoms such as fever or swollen glands. If they are present, a trip to the doctor and a test for strep infection is in order. I there is no sign of swollen glands and it has been less than 48 hours that the throat has been sore, they can probably come to school.


““My eyes are itchy.”” If he or she has any discharge from the eyes or the eyes are crusty or stuck together this is likely pink eye or conjunctivitis, an eye infection and will need to be treated with an antibiotic. If these signs are not present his eyes are probably just irritated. Apply a cold wet washcloth. This usually helps the irritation and if it does not return, send your child to school.


If you suspect your child is not really sick, here are some tips to unmask a faker. First try observing her when she is not aware of you, does her demeanor and activity level change? Remind her of the fun activities she will miss during and after school. This often produces a miracle cure! Question your child to determine if there is a problem at school that is upsetting her. Undone homework? A problem with friends perhaps? Solving these root problems will usually cure the illness too. Finally, remind your child that if they miss school they will be home having a day of rest, no friends over, no activities and no video game etc. and stick to it.